M BIG Pen *Only Dark&Yellow MBIG*

M BIG Pen *Only Dark&Yellow MBIG*

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A pen set for every stage of MBig.

MBig is often shy and soft-spoken, but bright and energetic amongst friends.
It is filled with emotion and sensitive to the changes of the seasons.
It gets lonely during Fall and needs the warm company of friends at this time.

MBig has a very curious nature and can only quench such wonder through experience. It must know!
Friends often catch MBig imitating TV stars & protagonists, leaving it red with embarrassment.
It tries to play every sport it sees on TV.
But as you can see from its shape, it's not the most athletic.

Without warning, the kind and clumsy MBig may morph into Dark MBig.
The reason that this alternate self 'Dark MBig' comes out remains a mystery to this day.

When MBig becomes Dark MBig, the innocent side completely disappears, and it becomes hostile and ill-tempered.
Dark MBig sprouts wings and flaps through the sky.
Dark MBig's tiny wings must flap hard to carry its body. It fights to reach great heights.
Dark MBig's hobbies include scaring Hue and Cab.
When MBig transforms it becomes unstoppable, and Hue and Cab stay busy running from it.